Get To Know Us

Hi, my name is Destiny. I got into creating jewelry with ashes when I lost my dad in 2022. I wanted something that I could wear daily and know that my dad was always with me. This is something that I love doing. It truly touches my heart being able to make so many people happy with their jewelry. My fiancé Caleb is also apart of our story. Caleb lost his grandfather within the same time period I lost my dad. This was a tough time to get through but we knew we can get through any times together. We have come together in this as this has helped both of us imagine and create custom pieces not just for our loved ones to help us moving forward, but for everyone. We knew in our hearts this is something that has brought not just us together but also everyone that blesses us with the opportunity to help them moving forward in a brighter light. We truly appreciate all of your time and working together with us. We truly look forward to helping each and every one of you and look forward to everyone joining our family.